A level

“Thank you so much! You managed to make her smile! Gave her a plan! She has worked so hard and I am so proud of her results especially her Maths! You have inspired her in so many ways and thank you again for going that extra mile with her.” Karen, whose daughter Jade got an A

“I got an A in all three modules! Thank you! I’m officially a Bristol University law student!” Amy, whose brother Harry was also one of my students: he got an A* and is now studying Mathematics at Warwick

“Thanks enormously for all your help over the last 2 years. So much more than just maths.” Rory, who got an A* and is now studying Economics at Durham

“I got an A and I got into Edinburgh! Thank you for everything! That would most definitely not have happened without you! I can’t tell you how happy I am! PS A little secret: in year 7, 8 and 9 I always got 40ish% in Maths. Never dreamed I would get an A at A level in it." Ellen, whose mother also wrote to me, “Thank you for all your help and for always being there for Ellen. She is very grateful for your direction and support. She will miss your lessons!”

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you for helping Charlotte get her A in her maths A level. I believe your help with the maths and the personal statement has helped secure her the place she wanted at Durham. I am very proud of her and extremely grateful to you and your teaching skills.” Moira, mother of Charlotte

"I got an A* in Maths. Thank you so much for your help. I'm ecstatic!" Harry, who came to me having only achieved E’s and U’s in his exams up to that point. He went on to Manchester to read Maths.

“I got an A in Maths – up from a D – and got my first choice at uni. Thank you so much.” George

“Thanks so much. I think the A grade in Further Maths is one of the things I’m most proud of achieving in my life thus far. I owe my Further Maths A level entirely to you, without whom there isn’t a chance I would’ve achieved my A. Not only did your tuition vastly improve my A level grades, you also offered invaluable advice in selecting university courses. I strongly recommend you.” Simon

“I have no doubt that if it weren’t for your tutoring and general guidance over the last couple of years I wouldn’t be starting Medicine at Liverpool tomorrow!" Sam, who got an A; I also taught his brother, Will, who got an A in GCSE

“After having a few Maths tutors I have to say you were beyond the best. You helped me through my final year of A level Maths. You were very clear and I never felt pressured around you, especially if I got something wrong, which I often did. I would highly recommend you to a student searching for a fun, helpful maths tutor.” Abigail

“Thanks to the excellent tuition and support I received from you, I was able to gain an A grade in my Further Mathematics A Level. Your tuition was challenging, engaging and perfectly tailored to suit. You are a must for anyone seeking higher level maths tuition.” Emma


“My A* in Maths, A in Further Maths and place at Cambridge would simply not have been attainable without your weekly sessions.” Karl, who came back for help with the statistical elements of his Economics course

“Without your guidance I definitely wouldn't have achieved the results I did, both in STEP and in my A levels!” Fin, who got in to Cambridge to read Engineering

“She got an A in the maths and she’s off to Oxford. We’re really grateful for all that you did for her. You were absolutely right for her at the right time and did absolutely what was necessary. The biggest plus of course was that she really liked you.” Mrs T, proud parent of Poppy


“As you know I am an experienced teacher myself and as such I know good work when I see it. When I say that you have been the best tutor I have had in six years with the OU, I mean no flattery, it is simply a fact.”

“I went to a boarding school, and I've been to college and university full time and with all my experience of teachers and lecturers and tutors I can honestly say you have been the best tutor: with patience, knowledge and a natural ability to explain things to a multitude of different levels of ability.”

“I feel you have been my best Open University tutor so far. I am very impressed with your lively emails; you have a great sense of humour, which makes me smile, and in my honest opinion you are a first class tutor as you inspire me to keep on going.”

“I have learned to follow what gives me passion to go on. I am loving my time (trying to) learn in another country. I honestly think I only found that courage to make the decision to move through your informed and balanced discussions with me.” Ben, who got a first class degree in Engineering from Bristol


Six students have reviewed me on First Tutors – all six gave me five stars out of five. 


One observer noted that my “poise and enthusiasm for teaching were immediately evident.” Another thought my students were “getting a product of the highest quality.” One wrote that my class was “characterized by some of the best student discussions I have heard in a maths classroom.” Another, “Matthew’s easy going demeanour makes him highly approachable and students respond positively to his efforts to get them actively involved in their own learning. I thoroughly enjoyed the tone of his classes; students respond positively to his good-humoured approach. Matthew thoroughly enjoys discussing his teaching and has excellent insights about his students.”

Of my pastoral work, “I can confidently say that Matthew is as fine a house tutor as I have worked with in my seven years at this school. He has distinguished himself as a professional, as a reliable confidante for me, and as a trustworthy and respected tutor for the students. No tutor has a better sense of the pulse of the house than Matthew. The reason for this is that he spends the most time with the kids.”