68 ST JOHNS ROAD • HARROGATE • HG1 3AE • 07704 677 400

68 St John’s Road  |  Harrogate  |   HG1 3AE

68 St John’s Road | Harrogate | HG1 3AE

2B outbound bus

2B outbound bus

2B return bus

2B return bus


I only teach from my home in Harrogate. I live at 68 St John’s Road, which is just off Skipton Road near the roundabout.

I have a waiting room (which has a table and chairs, free wifi, reading material, a coffee machine and chilled bottles of Evian in the fridge) so that students can arrive early or wait after their lessons to be picked up.


My house is a 30 minute walk from St Aidan’s, St John Fisher’s and Harrogate Grammar School.


The 2B from the central bus station (stand 4) leaves at 25 and 55 past the hour and stops at the Crab Lane Post Office stop, which is opposite the St John’s church at the end of St John’s Road. The return bus leaves at 16 and 46 past the hour from the St Joseph’s Church stop on Skipton Road near the other end of St John’s Road. (See the maps.) There are other bus options, including the 36, which serves Leeds Road and stops within a few minutes walk of my house.


You are welcome to park on my drive. St John’s Road is not a disc zone, so you can also park on the street: it is recommended you park half on the pavement.