You can read my book Writing Your UCAS Personal Statement on this website. Click here to start.

You can also buy it as a Kindle book from Amazon (where it has all five-star reviews!) or you can download it as a pdf.

As much as I want your money, the (free!) web version is the most up-to-date and includes all the links to other resources and articles.

If the thought of reading all 19 chapters (or 24 chapters if you’re applying to Oxbridge) feels a bit daunting then, frankly, you shouldn’t be going to university at all. After all, what do you think you’ll be doing there? Clue: reading lots of long books. And why rush an application to spend £27,000 and three years of your life? But if you really just want to jump to the good stuff, the summary in Chapter 15 will give you the gist. Otherwise, start here.